Kenny Perry And His Schedule
By Kickntrue on 7/10/08
Kenny Perry said from day 1 his main priority was to make the Ryder Cup team this year. Now that he's following through some people are concerned. Perry skipped last month's US Open and will be skipping next week's British Open, even though he's on of the hottest players on Tour this year. The reason- he'd have to miss two events in the United States that he's fared very well in over the years. Of course you could argue the reason he does so well is because all of the top players are in Europe those two weeks. Nonetheless, the FedEx Cup, Ryder Cup and money list points count just the same and Perry will gladly earn those with chances of better finishes.

I don't really have a problem with him doing this. I mean, if he were 25, maybe; but Perry is an older PGA Tour vet with a chance to play in a Ryder Cup in his home town on his home course. He said from the beginning that was his mission for the entire year, so why should he veer from that mission just because he's playing better than expected?


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kenjab says:
I certainly agree that he can do what he wants and am glad that an American actually seems to care about the Ryder Cup this year. But the thing is, his logic on this is flawed. Since it's a major, the British Open counts for DOUBLE Ryder Cup points, while this week's tournament is for normal points and next week's in the States is for HALF points. So he's actually limiting the number of Ryder Cup points he can get by doing this! Even if he won both tournaments he'd still have fewer points than a top 10 at the British.

Not to mention the fact that his avoiding majors makes one question his intentions. Does he just want to be on the team? Or does he actually want the US to win? Wouldn't playing against tougher competition, on tougher courses, prepare him better to actually win matches in the Ryder Cup?
Kickntrue says:
I agree- but you must admit this hedges his bets. A missed cut at the British loses two weeks plus no points. The two events he's playing in stateside have including many top 10's and even a win before. He "knows" he'll be in the money and points. It's almost like Deal or No Deal. If the banker offers you $500k you take it. And... now I'm going stop for using a terrible reality tv show as a reference example.
PapaJoe says:
Kenny Perry knows what he is doing! As the wily veteran he is don't doubt his intentions. As a "Good Ol' Kentucky Boy' Kenny Perry's only concern at this point is to make a great showing in his home state at Valhalla, and put up some winning points for the U.S.A. Team! He's had his chances at the U.S. Open and "The Open" for many, many years. He's done well, although he hasn't won either! Now his focus is for his home team and home state. I applaud Kenny Perry for his devotion to not only the game of golf, but his home grown and sincere desire to show Kentucky fans what he's all about. And of course, there are those other "interests" that most people don't know about. It's called monetary finaicial security for the future, which at this point, Perry is most definitely concerned about for HIS future! I'll be there to support you, Kenny! (PapaJoe from Louisville, KY)
chipotle mg says:
i think kenny can get away with this, but only b/c of his veteran status and the reasons he has stated. i dont want to see anyone else miss a major if they qaulify as it degrades the integrity of the importance of such events.
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