I hope it's one of these.
"Alligator-Like Creature" Seen
By Kickntrue on 7/10/08
... or was it? Fremont Park Golf Center in Fremont, California, thinks it may have a gator, or at least something that looks like a gator.
"It's larger than anything that should be out there," said Ken Powell, general manager of the golf course. "Turtles don't create wakes that big."

Powell said he saw something about 3 feet long "turn over like a big fish" in the reeds early Wednesday morning - a day after a man hired to dive into the pond and retrieve errant golf balls swears he came face-to-face with an alligator, caiman or similar-looking reptile.
Of course, alligators are not native to California and when people went out to the pond to look for the creature it was never seen. Ooooh- Nessie is in the building!

All is good though. Authorities will get a heaving duty fishing pole, some wire and a chicken breast and the little problem should be taken care of. Until then though... golfers beware!

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Unrelated Ed. note- In searching for a picture of either a gator or Loch Ness monster I came across the picture I used for the post. It is an alligator snapping turtle. It may be the most scary looking thing I've ever seen. If I ever saw one of these while swimming I think I'd "pollute" the water for sure. On that note- I'm officially never swimming anywhere but a pool again. (Picture)(Alligator Snappers)

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HotBacon says:
Snapping turtles are nothing to mess with, even the small ones have the jaw power to crush your finger. I spent alot of time in creeks and streams of PA as a kid, so I know them well...although I'm not sure we had alligator snappers. I've seen a few w/ shells over 1.5 feet diamater though.
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