Golf Course Bandit
By Kickntrue on 7/10/08
It's not just gators scaring people on courses these days. Over the July 4th weekend a couple foursome were robbed at gunpoint while putting out.
When Jon Schweitzer reached the third hole, it wasn't a bunker that threw him off his game, but a bad guy.

"A guy holding a gun with a mask, hopping around telling us to be quiet and empty our pockets," said Schweitzer.

Schweitzer was playing in a foursome with three caddies at Tripoli Country Club. All seven were asked to come up with some cash.
Schweitzer didn't have any money but the gunman didn't mind because of the money he took off the rest of the group. It was the 2nd armed robbery in the Milwaukee area over the holiday weekend.

... 1 guy with a gun vs 7 guys with clubs. What to do...

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Thanks to user David Wendell for submitting this story.

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turk944 says:
A radio station in the area is going to create a group called the LDS (Looper Death Squad) that will be trained to act as caddies and bodyguards, trained in hand to hand combat and weapons to confront the "bad guys."
Pipeliner says:
similar thing happened at Howell Park here in Baton Rouge. When I play out there we always keep a lookout! : )
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