Ben Els- Looking Good!
Ernie Els Priorities Backwards
By Kickntrue on 7/10/08
Oh my goodness!! Ernie Els said he cares more about his family than he does about golf. What?! How could he possibly care more about his autistic son than the beautiful game of golf? Seriously, pro athletes are so selfish!

He'll probably never be as good as he was before. The slacker is only the 6th best golfer on the planet now- and if he'd get his head on straight he could at least be number 2.

Some people...

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I don't make the news, I don't write the news, I just link to it. If someone is going to write this and call it news- it deserves being sarcastisized (I do make up words though).

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eflyrodjoe says:
thats because he has his priorities right...
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