Did Tiger Hurt Himself?
By Kickntrue on 7/13/08
A retired professor of kinesiology says Tiger Woods injured himself through his rigorous training. He also says that these injuries were sustained from training that is unrelated to golf and was essentially unnecessary.

Here's the thing- Larry Holt- the professor making these claims has never treated Tiger Woods. In fact, it doesn't appear that Holt has ever even met Tiger. He must be some doctor.

The thing is- this guy may very well be right. Tiger could've hurt himself running or doing too many leg presses. He also could've hurt himself falling awkwardly from the runner on his Buick. How can this guy say this crap?


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volleyhart says:
Kinesiology was my major in college and so I know *a little* about this stuff, although you couldn't tell by my transcripts. There IS some truth to what he's saying, about how individual's bodies are designed in certain, unique ways. I'm likely never going to be 250-lb of solid muscle, no matter how much I train, simply because my body type is lean. Meanwhile, John Daly will never have a marathoner's body, because that's not his body type (and peanut M&M's don't make you thinner). Nevertheless, that's not how Tiger hurt himself.

My theory is that he hit himself with that 7-iron he's carrying in the Buick commercial, when he gets locked out and has to call On-Star. Seriously ... since when has Tiger had to lock his BUICK? Doesn't he have someone to bring the car around for him?
Josh says:
Yea, Peanut M&M's do make you fat which is why Daly drinks a lot. It helps counteract the fatness of the M&Ms.
falcon50driver says:
Makes perfect sense....
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