Biodegradable Tees Big Down Under
By new2thegame on 7/14/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

Hugh Field of New Zealand has come up with a new product that might suit environmentally friendly golfers everywhere. After getting request for a biodegradable golf tee Field's company, Injection Moulded Plastics Industries, came up with a corn starch based compound (Polymaze) to make the tees. All tees are one hundred percent compostable meaning, if left on the course they will do no harm. The tees can also withstand the force of a golf club or a hammer (both were used in testing). Injection Moulded Plastics Industries is looking to make other products out of their new compound in the future.

The article on the tees

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TaylorFade says:
So when did wood become non-biodegradeable?
Kickntrue says:
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theredmission says:
Why exactly would you need to hit a tee w/ a hammer? And granted it may save a few extra trees, but at the expense of already fast rising corn prices.
Cal says:
@theredmission - to prove it can take the force of a club hitting it.

Plus we carry hammers in our bags anyway, to throw at those pesky kangaroos on all the courses (boomerangs were banned).
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