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The Science Of Putting
By Kickntrue on 7/15/08
Do you trust scientific journals that publish golf studies? If so- you may want to learn why you don't putt well. The July issue of the Journal of Motor Behavior has an article written by Tim Lee, professor of kinesiology at McMaster University that studied the head movement of professional and amateur putters and determined that those who keep their head still don't putt as well.

This is contrary to some of the greatest putters in pro golf history including Tiger Woods who claims that keeping your head still is the number one factor in good putting.

Who do you trust: Tiger or a professor?

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kkjacks says:
Forget putting... where can I find a couple caddies like the ones pictured above!
jerdman says:
Yes, this article has been rendered irrelevant, we only want to know where to find those girls.
GolfingRube says:
They can tend my flag anytime.
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