Daly Still Mad At Harmon
By Kickntrue on 7/16/08
John Daly is still mad at Butch Harmon for the comments earlier this year about John being a drunk and not caring about his golf game. Daly says it has cost him a lot of money in sponsorships and exemptions. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the way Daly has been playing golf for the past 5+ years.

While I'd have to agree that Daly's issues are in fact Daly's issues- I can't help but root for him. Thanks to winning the British Open in 2005 we get to see Daly play in a major- and wouldn't it just be something if he were magic?

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chipotle mg says:
i am a daly fan as well. i wish i would have watched the 1995 open when he won.
joshlips says:
I honestly don't understand the Daly obsession. People feel they "relate" to him because he's got a crazy swing off the tee and tries to crush every drive. He's also been known to lose focus and take penalty strokes for hitting balls that are still moving. It's similar to the Phil obsession because he loves to make the stupid play and go for it....every time.

To be sure, both players are fun to watch. I just think it's dangerous to watch too much and model our game after theirs. They should not be our golf mentors.

Having said that, it's Daly's life. He can do what he wants but I'm surprised he doesn't have a thick enough skin to absorb a few jabs from Butch Harmon.
golfgirl says:
I'm a total Daly fan...but that shouldn't surprise anyone.

(No interest in Mickelson at all however)
drew1473 says:
The Ultimate John Daly fan is right here. I have the bag, the driver headcover, the putter headcover, and in fact I just played his signature course today in Myrtle Beach, Wicked Stick Golf Links. I hope he can get back the form he had in the '91 PGA Championship and '95 British Open, and forget about the drinking and the gambling and all the other issues he has had in his life.
PapaJoe says:
Even if I were younger... and just starting to play this game called golf... and had just begun taking lessons from a good golf professional... and knowing that I came from a very middle class upbringing where I associated with my dad's public golfing pals who had a few beers every now and then... and some who smoked on the golf course... and a few of them announced a few choice expletives whenever they missed a shot or a four foot putt... I would NOTTTTTT want to model myself after John Daly, a beer drinking, beer gut belly, chain smoking, bi-polar and probably ADHD imbalanced individual who just happened to have a physical penchant for playing golf! No matter what kind of amateur or professional golf tournaments he has won. Nor would I want my children or junior golf students to carve themselves in the same mode! Thank God, John Daly is one of a kind! Once he fades into obscurity hopefully there will never be another like him! Why would anyone on this earth want to relate to him????
falcon50driver says:
Because he hits the ball long.
PapaJoe says:
Merlin2D: Yes, John Daly does hit the long ball! Agreed! Everyone wants to hit the long ball! But at what cost? Hopefully NOT at the price poor John has paid! Long... yet inaccurate! As, unfortunately his lifestyle has been since his first big win in Indianapolis! Long and very inaccurate! I feel for John Daly. As does everyone in "AA"! Best wishes to John Daly and all those who suffer his distress!
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