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Turn On TNT- This Is Funny
By Kickntrue on 7/17/08
The British Open is on TNT currently and the conditions look brutal. Scores are almost laughable. The only people at even par are the ones who haven't teed off yet. Justin Rose is in the clubhouse at +4 and he actually looks like he could have the clubhouse lead.

Mickelson is currently at +8 through 11 holes. Ernie Els just triple bogeyed (3 putt from 5 feet) to move to +6.

I haven't found any online video coverage (I guess the Brits are a little behind) but you can listen to radio coverage.

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possingk says:
I can't try this from work, but they said in the paper today that should have the feed on the web site.
Kickntrue says:
you are right. tnt's site does a horrible job of advertising that fact.
Kickntrue says:
It's not worth its own post- but this sucks!
BlameMe says:
Thanks for the links lads.

TNT don't just do a bad job of advertising the pen but it also sucks at TV coverage. I'm just thankfully Tiger isn't playing this year as TNT turns into Tiger Network Telly when he is. The were an embarrassment last time when he played at the Open.
PapaJoe says:
"THE OPEN" What's different from any other year? Terrible weather! Forecast more to come. Half ass Brit television coverage. Old guys, Tom and Greg Norman, play good once in a while on first day. They won't last. Young guns wavering, as usual. Bogeys abound! Birdies are few! Why bitch about the weather and the layout? After all, it is, "THE OPEN!" And the media hounds carry on, and on, and on, and on, because that's what they do. Smartest player not to attend--Kenny Perry and Corey Pavin! Good luck on the sunny, hot and humid, Milwaukee Brown Deer Park golf links, guys!!!
El Presidente says:
Thanks for defending the greatest tournament of the year PapaJoe...

For a free live online broadcast go to
BlameMe says:
PapaJoe, great points apart from the Brit TV coverage. The BBC probably do the best job of any TV broadcaster in covering a golf event in the world (the world including outside the US of A).

Just seen an interview with Gerry Kelly and what prat that man is. All he did was complain that the course is to hard and that it that's the way they want it set up then half the players will stop going.

NO NO NO - Your game is not good enough mate and the only way it is to get better is to play in these condition and courses. He's 40 and Watson (57) has just wiped the floor with you without complaint. Learn to play shots and just golf !! Suck it up little man!!
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