Don't Mess With The Nan
By Kickntrue on 7/17/08
A couple weeks ago we told you about courses getting rid of their geese by capturing and transporting them. A Minnesota course has another solution. No- it's not that solution- but it is fun.

Fred Richards Golf Course in Edina, Minnesota, has employed Nan, a 13 year old border collie.
The city bought Nan for $1,500 when she was about a year old from a Minnesota breeder who had trained her for sheep herding, Keprios said. "She took to chasing geese immediately," he said. "She didn't need much training."


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TimmyBede says:
They do the same thing at Timber Point Golf Course in Great River, NY. I think it's a great idea:
Ben Crane says:
You can eliminate quite a few of the slow moving babies in the springtime with a cart. Doesn't fix the mature adults problem, though.
Eddy Whitaker says:
we had a maintenance guy at our course who had a dog that did that...and he carried a shotgun with blanks for extra help
falcon50driver says:
Have you heard this one?...."A baby seal walks into a club"
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