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Anna Rawson Interview
By Kickntrue on 7/21/08
Anna Rawson was gracious enough to do an update interview (First Interview) with oobgolf last week while preparing for the LPGA State Farm Classic in Springfield, Illinois where she finished at -8, good for 43rd. It was her second best finish this season, which is her rookie year on the LPGA Tour. I think it's clear my shameless flirting and poignant questions made all the difference in loosening her up.

oob: Where are you at right now?
Rawson: Springfield, Illinois

oob:What's there? Cornfields?
Rawson: Yes, absolutely nothing but cornfields a hotel and a golf course.

oob: What of the season so far, US, Abroad, All around?
Rawson: Well, the US hasn't been good at all . I've only made one cut and finished fifteenth there. It's just been really sporadic and it's been hard to get it going. I don't know why. I don't get to play here all of the time. So I'm one week off, one week on, and when I get here I'm either tired from going to Europe or just a little bit- you know getting used to it .

I think its just my mind. My mind is terrible and when I get out on the LPGA I think I can win but I'm just more like, 'OK, let's see how I play.' Rather than when I go to Europe an I'm like, 'Well I'm the best player in the field I should win.' If I don't finish inside the top ten then there is something wrong. Also when I get there the courses are a little easier and they don't set up quite as hard as in LPGA.

I have been playing well internationally. I've had four top fifteens. It's weird.

oob: Sure. What are the biggest struggles you faced so far in the season, I mean US wise?
Rawson: I think it's just getting to know the tour, the people and adjusting to all that while trying to have a good time. I have created so many friends in Europe and [now] I've been traveling alone. So I guess it's just hard to break in and meet people that you enjoy hanging out with, it just becomes all about the golf. You put pressure on the golf and then it doesn't ever happen.

"It's really cutthroat and if you have a bad week they'll just leave you and ... on to the next one."
oob: Is there much hanging out amongst players or is it 'we're at work and now we're done with work.'
Rawson: It's very cliquey. I mean there are fifty Koreans and they all hang out together, and then there are the American girls that know each other from college and they all hang out together. And there are the veterans and you know it's hard as a rookie to really break in and meet people- and you know develop your friendship groups.

oob: Is there anyone you've connected with?
Rawson: Um yes, I've met some great people, but it's taken me until now. I am meeting people now and have people to stay with and ask things. Doing it on your own is tough I think. I'll be fine but you just need some kind of support. I think I've been lacking that and then finding a caddy has been difficult.

oob: Who are the cool people? What lunch table do you sit at?
Rawson: Oh, I don't really care. I'd sit with the staff. The LPGA staff are great and they're full of information and they've been fantastic. I mean it's the first tour that I've been on where they really help and they're really enthusiastic about you and they want to do whatever they can to help to see you succeed. That's been really cool. So that's probably been the best part. They're pulling for you which is really nice when on other tours it's more like they're out there with a job and they just don't really care. So yeah, I really like the staff.

oob: Let's go back to the caddy because I saw you play in Maryland at the McDonald's LPGA Championship. Your caddy looked like he was struggling.
Rawson: Yeah, he has a hip problem. He's brilliant though. I mean he's been caddying for a long time and his mind is so good and he reads greens amazing. He's a really good caddy but he's just got a bad hip and so he needs to have the surgery. You know it's hard to find a caddy who has as good a mind as him and who is fantastic with numbers and can look at a course. He's a really good player so he's fantastic and he has twenty years of experience so it's really great but at the same time he has trouble keeping up. I'm just kind of figuring it out and finding what works well for me.

oob: So what is the process for finding a caddy? You mentioned it's hard to find one?
Rawson: It's really difficult. You just have to become friends with the caddies and get your name out there. A lot of people will bring their dads, and their brothers, whoever, someone they were friends with in college. If you have a couple of good weeks you can bargain or negotiate a great caddy that's been out there ten years, but it's very difficult as a rookie to come out and get a full time caddy that's been out here for five years because they all just want money. They're only interested in players that are finishing in the top twenty or thirty every week because then they're [earning] percentage is better. It's really cutthroat and if you have a bad week they'll just leave you and they'll be on to the next one.

oob: I feel like I could send out an email to our users and find you caddies that would follow you around for nothing.
Rawson: (laughs) I don't know if I want that. You know it's hard- I don't know if I want someone I get along with really well or someone that has experience. I just have to figure it out.

oob: I think if you had an attractive female caddie it could be good ratings.
Rawson: You know I always said that. My roommate from college is gorgeous. She's an actress and I always said to her, 'God we'd get such great PR if we could get you in some short shorts and you could carry the bag.' But she's so delicate and tiny that she wouldn't last one hole carrying the bag. So they're pretty strong- the girls out here.

oob: How does the modeling all mix in, is that something you mix during the season or is that more off-season stuff?
Rawson: Yeah I've been doing that during the season. I've done "Men's Health" and that comes out at the end of this month. I was in Korea for a week and I did "Golf for Women, Korea." I just shot with "Golf For Women" but then they canceled the magazine.

oob: How does that work? I guess that all just disappears?
Rawson: I don't know where it's going to end up maybe it will end up in "Golf Digest" or something.

oob: For what it would mean to your career and everything else would you rather be on the SI swimsuit cover or win an LPGA event?
Rawson: Win an LPGA event for sure. The swimsuit cover would be nice too. To even be in the SI swimsuit edition would be fun because it's the only really legitimate swimsuit modeling you can do without being criticized.

oob: USC football this season, how are they gonna look?
Rawson: They're going to be great, as always.

oob: Are you big time enough to get on the sidelines or are you up in the seats?
Rawson: No, I'm in the seats. I can't see anything on the sidelines because the guys are so big.

Actually my favorite spot to watch USC football is on the television because I love all the commentating. I'm real serious. I don't go there to socialize. I like to watch and I like to rewind and fast forward- you know all that stuff... TiVo. I'm really looking forward to the Buckeyes game and beating them.

oob: Who in the LPGA could you beat in an arm wrestling match?
Rawson: I dunno. I'm pretty strong. I hit the ball past a lot of the women on tour.

oob: Well that's torque. I want to know who you could beat in arm wrestling.
Rawson: Natalie Gulbis maybe... (She doesn't sound convincing.)

oob: Do men ever hit on you at events? I know LPGA player access is a little easier than the PGA or some other sports? Are they bold enough to hit on you right there at the event?
Rawson: Yes, but they're very subtle.

oob: Do you have a guy currently or is that secret to keep your modeling hotter?
Rawson: No, I'm totally single and I think I need to come up with a new plan. Maybe I need to say I'm married and have four kids because that seems to work.

oob: When it comes to a guy what are you looking for? What I really want to know is... what are my chances? Oh- you should know I currently have a mustache.

(Silence... Is the interview over?)

Rawson: Mustaches do not work. They do not fly, unless for fancy dress. No.

oob: What about Tom Selleck back in the day?
Rawson: Oh god, it reminds me of my dad when he played football. No couldn't do that.

I like smart men by the way. that's my main prerequisite.

oob: So what's a geeky quality about yourself people don't know?
Rawson: I love to write. Is that weird? And read. I love all that stuff.
"See the problem is I'm too nice. I'm like the nice girl and I need to become more of a bitch."

oob: So why don't you update your website?
Rawson: Oh well it's actually in construction right now and I've got a new one. It was supposed to be out in May but there's just a lot of content that they're trying to update. Of course it's what now, July? So it will be out before the end of the season I'm sure.

oob: You mention you like to read and write what's your favorite book, favorite author?
Rawson: I'm reading the funniest book right now it's so funny I don't know if I should tell you. It's called 'Why Men Love Bitches.'

oob: Is that a self help book or is it a novel?
Rawson: I think it's supposed to be a self help book but it's just so ridiculously funny and it has all these stories about all these things that women have done. It's just really funny but yeah it's supposed to be self help, but I don't know how helpful it is.

oob: Alright, so just to clarify we can report that Anna Rawson is 100% single and reads self help books to find men? I just want to be clear.
Rawson: See the problem is I'm too nice. I'm like the nice girl and I need to become more of a bitch.

oob: That's a quote right there. I like that.
Rawson: Apparently, according to this book. I do everything wrong. I just laugh at it though I think its funny.

I just discovered that an (awesome) member took it upon himself to start an oobgolf group as the Anna Rawson Fan Club. Feel free to join.

[ comments ]
Josh says:
So I assume Anna is going to read this at some point maybe even my post (whoa!!!!) Anna, you need to start tracking your scores on oob, we'd love to watch your practice rounds and stuff in realtime.
Snyper says:
Anna, I will quit my job right now to be your caddie!! I promise I won't leave after a bad week. We'll go out and enjoy a nice dinner and forget that the golf even happened!
klangdon says:
i am pretty sure that in 10 min i could make a list of 20 guys willing to be both caddy and "smart man" for anna.
new2golf says:
I am a rocket scientist... really.
jonnie1putt says:
So, did you shave off the mustache yet?
Anna, I can handle the hot sun on the course, can carry a bag like a champ, and I am a good study. I believe I would make a good caddie. We just wont tell my wife who you are. HAHHA!
huffdaddy says:
i have the man for u, 10 years experience Pinehurst caddie, good eyes can read #2, will travel, contact caddiemaster Pinehurst, NC ref- Adam Ludlum
Kickntrue says:
The stache is gone. The second I hung up the phone with her- I chopped it off.
jaimsterr619 says:
hey anna ive walked and studied miles of courses,greens,winds and temps,we would make a great team,i play regularly and would like to carry your clubs,or atleast chat with ya one day..keep um in the cup....later jaimsterr619@yahoo.com
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