Greg Norman- You're Kidding, Right?
By Kickntrue on 7/19/08
Will Norman wake up tomorrow and realize this was all a dream? This would be the best thing ever for golf- all things (Tiger) considered. The next best thing would be Anthony Kim winning.


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golfpro926 says:
I hope Greg wins! What a story! Something that will go in the history books!

p.s. I was kind of pulling for David Duval after the second round...
ToddRobb says:
I would love to see the Shark close the deal, maybe all my old Greg Norman golf shirts will be back in style.
Nathaniel Hickman says:
He is da man i hope he wins, if not come on Padraig Harrington....
PapaJoe says:
Greg Norman's thoughts upon waking up Monday morning after 'The Open': "Ahh, shoot, mate! That was a dream... a BAD dream! And to think I could have had my divorce paid for with just one more win! Oh well, back to my hum-drum lifestyle of several mansions, two jet airplanes, numerous golf courses and more designs to come, buying up more property in Dubai than Tiger could ever hope for, and oh, yeah, my Darlin' little Crissy!" Now THAT'S a dream worth waking up from!
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