Golf Is Supposed To Be Fun
By Kickntrue on 7/22/08
Next time you are getting steamed about pace-of-play just remember that hitting someone over the head with a 6 iron is assault. Jeez- I thought people around Seattle were supposed to be mellow.
The victim, James Compton, 45, of Puyallup suffered a broken cheekbone, skull fracture and a subdural hematoma. He was hospitalized in serious condition and is now of intensive care.

While struggling with Greg Shampine, Compton was facing Nicholas Shampine when he was hit on the left side of his head and face. The 6-iron was swung with such force that the shaft was bent, and Compton fell to the ground.

"If I had even thought about it for a second, no way in hell I would have done that," Nicholas Shampine said.

At about that time, Morris, the head pro, decided to check on the back nine. When he got to the top of the hill, he saw a golfer down on the 14th green.

Blood was coming down the side of Compton's face, but he was sitting up and conscious. Morris thought Compton had been hit by a ball. An ambulance arrived for Compton, and two Auburn police cars drove onto the course.

Here is the best part of this story; nobody was drunk. This was just a few middle-aged idiot men being stupid. Umm.. did you read the part about the shaft bending around the guys face? I've bent a shaft before, and yes it was in rage. You really have to swing hard to do that.

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TaylorFade says:
People are friggin crazy. It's a long story but some idiot attacked us on the 18th tee box a few weeks ago.
klangdon says:
This is why I don't golf on weekends.
Ben Crane says:
I'd be interested in hearing the story, TaylorFade
TaylorFade says:
Apparently my post was too long. I'll put the story up on the forum.
Kickntrue says:
Here is that story-

WOW what a story!
gsturrock says:
Play golf long enough, and you'll eventually run into some buffoon like this.
falcon50driver says:
On a par 5 our group was 265 yards from the green. I felt like I was plenty safe to advance my ball my usual 200 yard 3 wood shot. You guessed it, I clocked the cleanest shot of my life and my ball rolled across the green as the group ahead was putting. I immediately went forward and apologized, I was a little nervous because I went alone, and when I got there the 4 guys weren't too happy.
JudgeNot:) says:
Oobgolf's version STINKS.

"While struggling with Greg Shampine, Compton was facing Nicholas Shampine when he was hit on the left side of his head and face."

It was Greg Shampine who was surrounded by the 3 Compton group guys. Do your research, you OOB.
PapaJoe says:
I once witnessed two good friends betting quarters on the practice putting green after their league golf game that day. They were both pretty drunk. An argument ensued over who's putt was closest to the hole and one friend, good naturedly, shoved the other. It was like a switch went off when all of a sudden one guy, a big guy, the one who had been shoved, knocked his friend down and an all out fisticuff brawl started. The big guy broke his putter over the other guy's head and proceeded to stab him several times in the stomach and neck with the broken shafted putter. A dangerous weapon! And then he started pummeling his downed buddy with all his might! It was a horrible sight to see and hear the sickening thud of fists meeting face! Not to mention the smaller guy was almost unconscious and bleeding like a stuck pig from the putter sword! (More)
PapaJoe says:
I was about 50 yards away when the pounding started, after the stabbing. Not to sound like a hero of any sort I bolted over to the pair and pulled the big guy off his friend, who at the time was totally unconscious, bleeding from his wounds, and starting to turn black and blue from the fist pounding. The big guy looked up at me and asked, "What the hell happened? What the hell did I do?" He cradled his friend in his arms, started crying, and pleaded, "Please wake up. I am so sorry!" Long story cut short, the big guy was arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter. His buddy was taken to the hospital where after two days he woke up from a coma and told the police that he did not wish to press charges because the other guy was his "best friend".

Wow! Unbelievable but true! They are still good friends, play golf together, and even laugh about the incident, even though the little guy bears several nasty looking scars from the stabbing! Go figure! I can't. Who won the quarter? Don't know.
kenjab says:
In reference to PapaJoe's story -

With friends like that, who needs enemies?! That's just insane.
PapaJoe says:
KenJab: Oh so true! This GAME is supposed to be FUN! Dirving in Chicago trying to get north and south via the Eisenhower, or on the Long Island x-way taffic IS not SUPPOSED TO BE FUN without hunting for "Head Hunger" golf shots!It'sr only a necessay evil to get to the next golf tee! No matter what route you take! Yet I always try to avoid the "black bush" angles!
PapaJoe says:
As unfortuate as it is... ADHERE to the clock, and life with be much simpler for you and for
Great golf when you can! which is few and far between and far accoding because no matter what philosphy is in raw tent and attak at the time!


do akdo
PapaJoe says:
do akdo for the long pause. Excuse me please! I did NOT mean to take up unnecesaary space!
PapaJoe says:
Reply actually was: Cut it short, and mean what you say! So sorry all white space got used up for totaly "Nothing" I'll do better next time! Promise! JPG 'Scuse me please!'
PapaJoe says:
Again, the idiot posing as me, the real PapaJoe, is wasting everyone's time and space by posting this tasteless and moronic garbage as the previous four senseless articles. Whoever you are, you're going to be found out and barred from oobGolf.
PapaJoe says:
After contacting oobGolf's webmasters and managers hopefully I/we have solved the problem of the "Idiot" PapaJoe posing as the "Real" PapaJoe. Thank you guys. Hopefully you have identified the moron making the senseless and idiotic remarks under my name, The Real "PapaJoe". What a shame that people like that exists and try to spoil what is a good web site for other people! Even if I may have raised the "ire" of someone on this web site, there should be no cause for that person to screw it up for everyone else! I will be posting this message on several article forums, "Fore Play", "Cigar Lounge," and on every other public forum that exists on oobGolf to hopefully prevent idiots such as they are to screw up the works for the rest of us. I write this as the "Real PapaJoe" and give you my personal e-mail of: for anyone to check out the legitimacy of my honesty. Thank you. JGoff, Louisville, KY.
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