Would You Watch Wie Reality TV?
By Kickntrue on 7/22/08
Bob Young of the The Arizona Republic has a couple ideas for the Golf Channel concerning a Michelle Wie reality tv show... if they'll listen.

Here are a couple clever names he's come up with:
* Wie TV.
* The Amazing Waste.
* The Contender (But Never a Winner).
* For Love of Money.

I'm on board with this. I think it could be really good tv and I feel like she'd go for it. I mean- if nothing else she's at least getting old enough now (18 currently) that it wouldn't be as pervy to watch just because she's hot. That's ratings folks!

The Arizona Rupublic

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Josh says:
I'd watch RawsonTV first.
PapaJoe says:
Another name for the show:

"Wee, Wee, Wee, All The Way To The Bank!"

I feel so sorry for poor little Michelle. Only 18 and already she's being knocked around like an innocent lamb being led to the slaughter. Leave the girl alone, let her fall on her butt, or succeed on her own with whatever talent she has or hasn't got! What earthly good can come out of treating her like a grown up that she ain't? Better still, let ME manage her career! Half of the negative media people would then be shot and the other half hanged! And I would march right to the bank with her!
PapaJoe says:
After contacting oobGolf's webmasters and managers hopefully I/we have solved the problem of the "Idiot" PapaJoe posing as the "Real" PapaJoe. Thank you guys. Hopefully you have identified the moron making the senseless and idiotic remarks under my name, The Real "PapaJoe". What a shame that people like that exists and try to spoil what is a good web site for other people! Even if I may have raised the "ire" of someone on this web site, there should be no cause for that person to screw it up for everyone else! I will be posting this message on several article forums, "Fore Play", "Cigar Lounge," and on every other public forum that exists on oobGolf to hopefully prevent idiots such as they are to screw up the works for the rest of us. I write this as the "Real PapaJoe" and give you my personal e-mail of: papajoehermit@juno.com for anyone to check out the legitimacy of my honesty. Thank you. JGoff, Louisville, KY.
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