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Lost Balls Pay Big
By new2thegame on 7/22/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

A British family is seeing a big payout from their neighboring golf course after thousands of pounds worth of damage were done to their garden and home. The Priestley's live next to the Bedford Golf Club in Great Denham, UK. The family's home has been pelted with golf balls daily, sometimes exceeding twenty in a single morning. They have complained that their green house has been destroyed, the children forced out of their own backyard and their cars damaged.

The course took action by moving the tee forward temporarily. They are also seeking a more permanent solution from their architects. However, the Priestley's are still being given thousands of pounds for the previous damage. The funny thing is they knew the golf course was there when they bought the house. The Priestley's even admit they expected a few balls to fly in their garden. So my question is why are they getting money from the course? Any time I have visited a home near a course there are signs posted that say the golfer is responsible for any damage caused to a home. I guess things are different across the pond. Maybe this intern will be relocating to get a few thousand pounds for herself.

Stray Balls Pay Big.

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TaylorFade says:
I read somewhere that by buying a home on a course that you assume the risk and responsibilty of damages inherent to the proximity.
Ben Crane says:
I have a big problem with houses being placed right on a golf course. Which was there first? I understand this does not say it is a golf course community.
I played a course in Fayetteville, NC (Kings Grant) a few years back and the houses were literally ON the course. Sometimes the tee box was someone's back yard. Signs were everywhere that the golfer was responsible for damage.
HotBacon says:
This is a big pet peave of mine...if you don't want your house damaged DON'T BUY A HOUSE ON A GOLF COURSE!! If you do have a house on a golf course and have kids...please put a net up for their safety.

There is a course in the local area that we used to play fairly regularly (Limerick Golf Course), and there are houses right on top of the fairways. My friend hooked a ball and, naturally, it hit the house. By time the rest of the group teed off, the owner was standing at the edge of his property (decked out in a wife beater and cut off jeans) playing the role of tough guy. I could only imagine the quality of his life if he ran outside every time someone hit a hook off the tee.

I have no sympathy for these people.
falcon50driver says:
People buy houses on Airport Boulevard, then wake up to the fact that there are airplanes in the vicinity, wow! what was the first clue?
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