Some of the damage done by the 7.9 quake.
Golf Returns To Earthquake Region
By new2thegame on 7/23/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

After the May earthquake that devastated Sichuan, China, many things were rescheduled or canceled altogether. The China Tour's Luxehills Championship tournament in Chengdu was no exception. The tournament which was originally scheduled for June, has been moved to September 4-7 (making it the sixth event in the China Tour this year). The event will help bring commerce and people back to the area that was effected by the earthquake. The damage done by the earthquake was catastrophic and caused over 70,000 deaths. The community and the Luxehills International Country Club are hoping that the media coverage of the tournament will also help encourage people to return to the area. Although this event will not see much media coverage because of the Olympic games, it will hopefully get enough attention to help the strained community.

The article may be found here.

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golfgirl says:
Great story. I hope they can get back on their feet and continue to grow golf in this extraordinary country,
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