Golf Ratings Are Down
By Kickntrue on 7/23/08
So when Tiger Woods doesn't play, you're telling me ratings for big events go down? Shocker!

Okay, it's not a shocker at all, but it is a little sad that the Greg Norman final round storyline couldn't garner more interest than it did.

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klangdon says:
Anyone else catch this:

The British Open will be an all-cable major beginning in 2010 and be carried only on ESPN

That sucks for basic cable subscribers and ESPN haters.
Kickntrue says:
Surprising how many people still don't have cable. 80% have. So 1 out of 5 still without. That's a lot for a major.
Colorado Steve says:
I watch regardless, but without Tiger or any other players I follow, I tend to watch the L.P.G.A.
hogan72 says:
anyone who tuned out missed, imho, one of the best golf shots EVER hit. Paddy's 2nd shot on the par 5, 17th in the final round was money. seriously clutch. championship over. statement made. i wish tiger had been there so more people could have witnessed this victory.
PapaJoe says:
hogan72, I wish Tiger had been there, too, so that he would have had to congratulate Paddy's win over him! What a 272-yard 5-wood!!! If Tiger's knee wasn't hurting him at the time, surely his ego would have been!!!
Wyld_Txn says:
PapaJoe, are you saying Tiger would have lost? How can you be so sure considering he won the Open with a broken Knee?
PapaJoe says:
Rocky, I am only dreaming he would have lost. Considering his past play in British Opens, with the wind, rain, and other elements he is not used to playing in, as are the majority of the Euro guys, I seriously think Tiger would have "blown out" the first day and whined all week about having to play in such horrible conditions. Too bad he has to miss the rest of this year's majors. And no matter WHAT anyone says about his U.S. Open win, it WAS one hell of a feat! I would almost compare it to Ben Hogan's win in 1950 at Merion CC where Hogan was so ill he could hardly walk. With one exception. Hogan was a class act on and off the course. Hopefully TWoods will learn that one of these days!
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