Playing Kapolei Golf Course on the final day
50 Courses In 50 Days
By new2thegame on 7/24/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

Cancer is a disease that effects millions of people worldwide every day. Two men from Atlanta decided they wanted to do something to help some of these people. There decision, to play a round of golf in every state in the U.S. in 50 days. Bill Evans, 51, and Craig Forney, 40, traveled in a bus across the 48 continental states (planes to Hawaii and Alaska) with a film crew of 5. Beginning in Vermont and ending in Hawaii, the men woke up every day at 5am to complete the course and still get to their next location on time.

After golfing each day the men visited cancer patients at the local hospitals and then blogged about their experiences. They often invited researchers and patients to join them for a round of golf in their state. The men sought to raise $20,000 in each state (a million dollars in total) but as of today, they are unsure of the total amount they raised.

So after getting to golf all over the country and help a countless number of cancer patients, what could these men have to complain about? Well other than being exhausted (Evans) and missing home cooked meals (Forney), nothing at all. They only saw 5 days of rain in total, and one lightning storm. Overall, the trip went well and the men are already planning another one for 2009. I'm putting in a suggestion for Golf Around The World 2009.

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drew1473 says:
that is an amazing feat. I was tired after 2 straight days of playing, I couldn't imagine 50. I just want to say thanks and congratulations to them for doing that and for the cause that they are doing it for. I am sure we all know somebody who has had or have cancer. So thanks Bill Evans and Craig Forney.
HotBacon says:
So did they pay to play each round, or was that part of the donation?

I'd be up for a free 50 rounds of golf while helping to raise money for a cause.
klangdon says:
The official site and place to donate is here:
falcon50driver says:
Please send me your donations, I'm doing 50 cases of beer in 50 days, It's a benefit for liver disease.
jerdman says:
merlin, I'll donate if I can join ya. Are we golfing while doing that?
falcon50driver says:
jerdman, thanks, I'd love to have the company. It would be a shame to ruin a good round of beer drinking with golf clubs, we might spill one.
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