Jim McMahon Is A Loudmouth
By Kickntrue on 7/25/08
2-time Super Bowl Champ Jim McMahon is now working with LoudMouth golf- wearing their gear. If you haven't seen their gear... it's, well, loud.

LoudMouth Golf

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Josh says:
I've always wondered where clowns shop... now I know.
possingk says:
Wow I thought I stood out on a golf course in a kilt, now I just need someone to wear that stuff on the course and I will be fine.
klangdon says:
possingk, if you seriously wear a kilt, you need to get your picture uploaded with that on.
possingk says:
I will see what I can do, it shouldn't be that tough, I am golfing on Saturday.
Kickntrue says:
Well... Do we have a pic of the kilt?
klangdon says:
How are clothes like this acceptable in golf, but you can't wear jeans or cargo pants?
possingk says:
Forgot the camera I will hopefully be out Tuesday and make sure I take my camera or a phone on the course with me.
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