Maybe he wears a "bro"?
Gary Player On Mickelson's Breasts
By Kickntrue on 7/28/08
Yah- you read that right.

From an article in Men's Vogue:
Almost immediately, all the top players seemed to hit the gym, except a few notable physiques, including Phil Mickelson. "Every time he walked you could see his breasts bouncing all over the place!" Gary Player, the Jack LaLanne of golf, lovingly recalls of the world's No. 2.

Oh good- Phil doesn't have to feel bad now about an 80 year old making fun of his man-boobs, because he was speaking in past tense.

Why is there a Men's Vogue and who exactly reads it?



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mbills1015 says:
this is classic gary player... especially now that he is the talking face for golf fitness. Could Phil stand to lose a couple pounds? sure. Is he ridiculously overweight? No. But any comment referring to Phil's man boobs is great.
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