Jan Stephenson - old school at #3
50 Hottest Female Golfers
By Kickntrue on 7/28/08
Objectification of women is bad. Appreciating their inner and outer beauty though- is okay.

Sports Crunch took a look at the 50 Hottest Female Golfers of All-Time. The "of all-time" adds an interesting twist for sure. There are a lot of college stars who didn't or haven't panned out as pros yet to make the list really interesting.

Michelle Wie in the top 10?... maybe. Hey look- I've "dated" and interviewed two people in the top 5.

Number 1... I won't ruin the surprise. Okay- it's Gulbis. Fair enough but kind of a cop-out.

Start at #50 / The Top 10

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ToddRobb says:
Natalie Gulbis is number 1 because she's trying to be hot,,,,, and it's working!
ToddRobb says:
If Jennifer Rosales was still on the tour, she would've given Nat a run for her money for number one.

birdieXris says:
yea she's a cutie... Know what though. I definitely found myself staring at N.Y. Choi during sunday's playoff. Anybody else? or is it just me?
golfgirl says:
I know you're joking Andrew, LOL, and some other guys feel like they're being galant and altruistic, but I hate it when guys express concern about the objectification of women.

It's really not your place to worry about that. Let us worry (or not worry) about our objectification OK? BTW, I don't think Natalie Gulbis or Anna Rawson or many of the others in that list are thinking objectification is bad.
Kickntrue says:
You're telling me Jan Stepehson KNEW her nipples were poking through her shit when she had this picture taken? Oh my... (blushing)
Kickntrue says:
umm... shirt. ugggh. Sorry about that.
jdaly says:
That's the best picture of Paula they could come up with?
falcon50driver says:
It was cold,Ya Think?
atxtraveler says:
Blasberg gets my vote.
Stugotz says:
#36 Blair O'Neil -- for at least the hottest photo in the list provided -- Sports Illustrated material?
PapaJoe says:
Come on lady golfers. What's wrong with being considered a hottie and being objectified as such? In her day Jan Stephenson was a "hottie". I say she was a lovely lady! She took her image and after considering all boundaries played it to the best of her advantage. What's wrong with being hot? If you're hot you're hot. If you're not you're not! And if you're not play with what you've got!
PapaJoe says:
Kickntrue: You sure that was a typo? Maybe it was a Freudian shit! (Uh, sorry, Freudian SLIP).
PapaJoe says:
After contacting oobGolf's webmasters and managers hopefully I/we have solved the problem of the "Idiot" PapaJoe posing as the "Real" PapaJoe. Thank you guys. Hopefully you have identified the moron making the senseless and idiotic remarks under my name, The Real "PapaJoe". What a shame that people like that exists and try to spoil what is a good web site for other people! Even if I may have raised the "ire" of someone on this web site, there should be no cause for that person to screw it up for everyone else! I will be posting this message on several article forums, "Fore Play", "Cigar Lounge," and on every other public forum that exists on oobGolf to hopefully prevent idiots such as they are to screw up the works for the rest of us. I write this as the "Real PapaJoe" and give you my personal e-mail of: papajoehermit@juno.com for anyone to check out the legitimacy of my honesty. Thank you. JGoff, Louisville, KY.
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