Greg Norman Turns Down PGA
By Kickntrue on 7/29/08
Greg Norman's resurgence has been great for Tiger-less golf. Too bad he turned down the PGA Championship. He was invited to play in the 4th and final major of the year that starts next week but decided he's just been too busy to make it happen.

I can't really blame him for saying no- but it does surprise me a little. I'm surprised someone who's so used to being in the spotlight would deny himself the ability to continue his last hurrah. Greg Norman will be obsolete again in a year.


Will be at Augusta though...

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Huckleberry says:
Most likely his body can't take it and he knows it. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays poorly this week (relative to his recent form).
nickmomrik says:
I'm disappointed he turned down the offer. I'm volunteering at the PGA Championship next week, so I'll be there watching a lot of golf. Would have been neat to see one of the all-time greats in a major.
golfgirl says:
It would have been great for the tournament. But with his money there are tons of other wonderful things he could do. I mean he could take his wife and go to some gorgeous golf course in some isolated area and play there...without reporters all over the place writing about how old they are.
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