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By Kickntrue on 7/30/08
Our forums are buzzing these days and I couldn't help but enjoy learning a couple new golf betting games.

From KVSmith59:
Other than the basics like skins, etc, anyone have any interesting betting games? We play a variation of Monkey (as in monkey on your back). Goes like this:

1. A monkey is a 3 putt
2. For every 3 putt you make, you have to dump a pre-determined amount of money into the pot (we play for $.50 each 3 putt and $1 for any 4 putts or higher - heaven forbid!)
3. Person with the lowest number of putts at end of round gets the pot.
4. Tie-breaker 1 is lowest number of 3 putts
5. No gimmies - nothing funnier than to see someone 6" from the cup after their first putt, then casually walk up and attempt to bump the ball in and miss...

With what we bet you don't make a lot of money, but you definitely concentrate more when you get up to putt.

From terpsno1:
We play 3 putt poker - You need a deck of cards

Every one ante's - you choose ante amount ($1-$5)

Everyone gets 3 cards just for playing

Every 1 putt gets another card - every 3 putt costs you $1 into the pot.

A 0 putt gets you 2 cards
A 4 putt costs $2

At the end of each nine - the best poker hand wins the pot.

You don't have to hand out the cards while you are playing - just keep track of the putts and you can deal the cards at the 19th hole.

Great garbage game

I really like both of those ideas a lot.

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Huckleberry says:
How about a bet on when we go 2 million over par?

If there's any way to figure out what player put us 2 million over par that would be sweet. Maybe send 'em a t-shirt or something.
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