Hunter Mahan Is Not Smarter Than A 5th Grader
By Kickntrue on 7/30/08
26 year old Hunter Mahan, who will likely be on the USA Ryder Cup Team compared playing in the Ryder Cup to being a slave. Hmmm. I don't see this one playing out well for him.
"And from what I've heard the whole week is extremely long. You've got dinners every night - not little dinners, but huge, massive dinners. I know, as players, that's the last thing we want to do. We want to prepare ourselves. That's part of the whole thing: you're just a slave that week."

Deadspin's Clay Travis probably says it best: "Yes, yes, exactly right. The Emancipation Proclamation was such a big deal because too many slaves were being forced to attend huge, massive dinners after playing sports all day. How did the textbooks miss this? Liberals, that's why."


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HotBacon says:
Another case of a person speaking quickly and not considering every single word that comes out of his mouth, only to have his quote misinterpreted and blown out of proportion on every website and sports talk show around.

He meant nothing by it, let it go. I wish the world would quit analyzing every little thing that comes out of someone's mouth.
ToddRobb says:
It seems like the politically correct police are waiting behind every microphone. I would seriously doubt that he meant the word "slave" the way that that it has been interpreted. We all understood the point that he was trying to make.

That being said, I have a bigger problem with what he was trying to say. It's suppose to be a big party disguised as a golf event, does he really think that Tiger, Phil and the crew are suppose to be in their hotel rooms "preparing"?? The whole point is the camaraderie and the team aspect. The funny thing is, if he was in his room "preparing" all night, he would still get his clock cleaned the next day.
sweatervest13 says:
I would love it if the biggest problem in my work day was a very expensive, free dinner, even if it is long.
ryanlowdermilk says:
That was funny!!! Seriously... I mean how many people do you know who say ... "Man, I have this really expensive free dinner I have to go to and then go and play golf tomorrow... man .. this sucks"
kenjab says:
I read this entire interview a couple weeks ago (it was in Golf Magazine), and at the time that I read it, I didn't think this comment was a big deal. The one quote mentioned here takes it a little out of context. He had been asked a few questions about the Ryder Cup and that some players thought it was a chore rather than a fun event. They had been discussing the fact that the players don't get paid, and that their schedules are very strict that week, with the players having no say in what gets done. The part about the dinners was just a final point, while the slave comment was concerning the whole line of questioning.

The word "slave" is probably still too strong a word for guys who get to play golf together for a week. But he wasn't just talking about going to dinners all night either.
TimmyBede says:
That's it, he's on my list. If he doesn't want to be on the team, he can just pass. There are plenty of other players that would be thrilled to take his spot. This guy needs to get his priorities straight.
SingleDigits says:
Actually, Hunter is not guaranteed a spot on the Ryder Cup. He's currently 11th and only the top 8 are a lock. Anzinger has the 4 last picks & I'd take Rocco, #13, and Sean O'Hair, #14, before Hunter.
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