A Case For Mini-Golf
By Kickntrue on 7/30/08
I went mini-golfing last night and then found this article about mini-golf dying. I think all you have to do is watch this video from mini-golf's "golden years" to understand why we need to keep these places alive.

This guy won money for this and over 330,000 people watched on French-Canadian television. Ha- seriously, this just continues to confirm my belief that Canadians are 100% cooler than Americans, even the French-ones. This is much better television than I'm forced to watch during the summer. Can you imagine this playing right behind Wipeout?

He probably doesn't celebrate EVERY hole-in-one in mini-golf like this.

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hogan72 says:
Monsieur affam+¬ a eu la m+¬me r+¬action +á une birdie sur le 7+¿me trou au parc de for+¬t le 12 juillet 2008. Oh homme, quel projectile de golf.
PapaJoe says:
ONLY THE FRENCH!!! Kablooey!
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