Bunkers Roy G. Biv Style
By Kickntrue on 7/31/08
What color are your favorite courses sand traps? 99.9% will say- yellow, white, cream or some other boring varation of "normal," but not everyone...

Here are a couple fun pictures of bunkers from around the world that shake the notion of the sandy white trap.

This is not water- that's black sand.

Bear's Best, Las Vegas, Nevada

How about red?

Aspen Lakes Golf Course, Sisters, Oregon

Blue? Okay- this one is a camera trick- but still cool.

Course Unknown (source)

Does anyone else have any courses they play with funky colored bunkers?

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klangdon says:
That red sand in oregon looks pretty sweet. It would be easier to know your in the bunker from a distance if they were not always white based.
mbills1015 says:
are these screen shots from the design your own course mode for Tiger woods??
Ben Crane says:
The bottom one is definitely computer generated
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