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Man Hit By Golf Ball Is Rich
By Kickntrue on 7/31/08
A New Jersey man was hit by a golf ball and is now $725,000 richer. He was driving his car by a golf course when a lawnmower sent a stray ball through his windshield and glass shattered into his eye.

He was suing both the golf course and landscaping company for the incident saying the golf course should have put up a net and the landscaping company should have checked for balls.

He does have some permanent damage to his eye- so I can't really blame him for wanting compensation. It's a bit of a shame that it has to be someone's fault though. It's just a case of terrible luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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grand hawk x22 says:
Wouldn't trade an eye for Tigers money. I feel bad for him and all the courses now puting up ugly fences to protect themselves.
golfgirl says:
Much too graphic..gratuitous, I'd say.
Spencergroup says:
Bottomline is that golf balls are dangerous. Maybe some of that money was for the embarassment factor when the cops came and saw a soiled himself out of shear fear of an object flying through his window. Golf needs to create a safer golf ball. Any thoughts?
theredmission says:
A safer golf ball!?! Oh brother.
JTondreau says:
I think tennis uses a safer ball you could play that instead.
birdieXris says:
Golf balls don't hurt people... bad golfers hurt people.
birdieXris says:
hahaha sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, i don't think the problem is in the ball. I just think there are way too many people out there that don't know how to let others know they're in the line of fire.

At any given time, you could be seriously hurt on some of the public courses in the US. Mostly you're teeing off and playing to a green that may be right next to another tee box. both players on both holes have to be responsible enough to yell if they're shots are going awry. It's better to yell "FORE" and have it miss someone by a mile than not yell and bean someone.

In this case, that obviously doesn't apply and it was accidental. I see cut golfballs all over the place. Sometimes they just settle down in the grass and along comes the mower.
falcon50driver says:
I picked up a badly mower cut golfball yesterday and hit it off a tee just for grins. Damn thing went 258 yards by my GPS. I rarely do that with a good ball.
PapaJoe says:
Merlin2D: Did you play that ball for the rest of the round? Maybe you've come upon an idea where you won't have to buy new golf balls out of the package, anymore. Just go to the driving range and pick up the most hacked up balls you can find. Probably give you a better "spin rate" than the new balls, anyway!
PapaJoe says:
Is there any OFFICIAL rule in any state that says a golfer hitting a golf ball is responsible for any damage done by his/her golf ball whether it be to property or person on or off the golf course? I have seen signs posted on several golf course that state that "Golfer is responsible for damage, etc., etc., and so on,", and other signs that state, "Golfer is NOT responsible for any damage done to property or person." Does anyone know the REAL story? Thanks!
ecss08 says:
Here is some food for thought, Why didnt the landscaping company have a "catch" on the mower. I hit "real" golfballs in my yard all the time. If i forget to pick one up and hit it with the mower The "catch" on the mower deflects it to the ground. Alot of landscaping companys take them off becuase the grass will not be "shot" out of the mower deck as far. I guess it kinda falls in the same catergory as us weekend carpenters bolting are saftey's back on our circular saws?
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