Golf Patent Numbers Are Obscene
By Kickntrue on 7/31/08
If you are an aspiring patent lawyer- it appears being into golf can be a good thing. Golf has 15x more patents than any other sport. This is a pretty interesting article to read through. It covers things like the amazing number of tee's that are out there and why all the technolgy matters.
Since 1976, at least 16,500 golf-related patents have been issued. The next closest sport is baseball with just 1,900 patents. Bowling had 800.

Most of the golf patents are granted to individuals and not large manufacturers, Sosenko said, as golf junkies head to their drawing boards and drafting tables to improve their game and help others like them.

That sounds about right, doesn't it? Of course there's this example.

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PapaJoe says:
Myself and a pro friend jumped into the patent fray back in the early 1970's after building and having several golfers try out the "right elbow restrictor" during the back swing. The device was made of mostly elastic bandages of different tensile strengths and attached to the right arm just above the elbow and covered the muscle area. The whole idea was to STOP the right elbow from flying out and up into the air upon taking the club back as far as you wanted, or as far as you could under the opposing force! The idea was rather simple in design but became very technical after months and months of testing on at least 15 different individuals, low handicapers to 20 handicapers, and three volunteering PGA pros.
After three months on the design table, and the rest of the summer building the device, and then finding the guinea pigs for testing over the next six months, believe it or not it got "RAVE" reviews from everyone who used it. Everyone had a different, yet positive, opinion about the "Swing Restrictor".
PapaJoe says:
Our first trip was to an Atlanta office for patents pending. Didn't get to see much of Atlanta because we spent 9 hours a day in the waiting room, along with about 45 other patent hopefuls, waiting for our number to be called. It wasn't. Back to Louisville where we mailed out more letters begging the patent office to tell us another way to get our product on "the list" of possible patents. "Y'awl come back ya' hear," was the only response we got from the Atlanta patent office. Made the trip again. Didn't get in, again. This nightmare went on and on and on for nine more months until we finally gave up hope of getting our foot in the door. Last year when "Fore Inventors" came out on the Golf Channel our product was so saturated on the market that "Fore Inventors" told us this was nothing new. It had been around for quite some time. "REJECTED" stamped on our application. And what wins the $1,000,000 prize? A damn oversized clothes pin that you shake hands with! Ohhhhh, where's the justice?
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