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By Kickntrue on 8/1/08 runs a series before big events called "PGA Tour Confidential" where a current PGA Tour pro dishes dirt anonymously. The info he shares is actually pretty interesting and worth reading. The more fun game though, would be to start guessing who it is.
I know this much about Oakland Hills. It's brutal, and it's pretty high up there in the course rankings [18th by Golf Magazine], but I don't know any players who say, "God, I love Oakland Hills." It's a ballbuster.

The greens are over the top. They're straight from Putt-Putt, minus the swinging logs and clowns' mouths. Plus, you're hitting three-irons into most of them. I have no idea why Oakland Hills is rated so high. What's the mystique?

Anyone have guesses?

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klangdon says:
Jim Furyk, I have no clue...
PapaJoe says:
Sounds exactly like the kind of sarcastic remarks Johnny Miller spews forth... except for his praise of Kenny Perry. That kind of threw me, but I'm guessing Johnny Miller.
Kickntrue says:
Rory Sabbatini?
SingleDigits says:
This has to be Rocco. It sounds just like the type of things he says. 2nd choice: Chris Dimarco.
birdieXris says:
Definitely second Rocco.
PapaJoe says:
OKAY ALREADY! Who's the "Secret Pro?"
PapaJoe says:
After contacting oobGolf's webmasters and managers hopefully I/we have solved the problem of the "Idiot" PapaJoe posing as the "Real" PapaJoe. Thank you guys. Hopefully you have identified the moron making the senseless and idiotic remarks under my name, The Real "PapaJoe". What a shame that people like that exists and try to spoil what is a good web site for other people! Even if I may have raised the "ire" of someone on this web site, there should be no cause for that person to screw it up for everyone else! I will be posting this message on several article forums, "Fore Play", "Cigar Lounge," and on every other public forum that exists on oobGolf to hopefully prevent idiots such as they are to screw up the works for the rest of us. I write this as the "Real PapaJoe" and give you my personal e-mail of: for anyone to check out the legitimacy of my honesty. Thank you. JGoff, Louisville, KY.
PapaJoe says:
PapaJoe says:
Since there's no response, it's got to be:


Yay! What do I win?
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