We're On ESPN Radio (Orlando) Tonight
By Kickntrue on 8/4/08
I'm going to be live on ESPN Radio AM 1080 tonight out of Orlando, Florida, tonight. The show is called The Leaderboard and features Bill Bona, Ian Davies, J.P. Marks & Kenny Nairn.

I think I'm going to be on-air around 6:25pm tonight but you should probably listen to the whole show from 6pm-8pm EST just to be sure not to miss me. You can listen live online.

Listen Live Here

*The website is worth visiting just for the amazingly cheesy song that auto plays (with no turn off sound button).

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hogan72 says:
Sweet. I'll try to tune in.

btw - "Born for the PGA" is hilarious! I think I'll incorporate it in to my pre-shot routine. "...he learned to putt before he could stand..."
hogan72 says:
I missed it - sorry. But, it looks like they post the most recent show on their site. They have the one from 7/28 posted there now. I imagine yesterday's will be posted soon...
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