Jasper fights bushes.
Lost But Not For Long
By new2thegame on 8/4/08
By Mallory Oliver, oobgolf intern

Bill Jasper, an 81 year old retired Naval officer,spends his days on the Texas golf course adjacent to his home. Jasper isn't just hitting the ball around though. A self admitted poor golfer, Jasper goes out daily and searches for the lost balls surrounding the course. Jasper doesn't collect the balls to sell or even to keep for personal use, instead he collects and cleans the balls for a donation to his local First Tee organization.

First Tee was formed by the World Golf Foundation to give children ages 8-18 the chance to grow personally. They focus on teaching golf and character education to help instill key values like honesty and sportsmanship. Jasper has already donated 53,948 balls since 2003. He doesn't just donate balls though. After finding out about his ventures, many local golfers leave clubs, shoes, and other equipment on Jasper's trail. The Jasper's often find equipment and baked goods (a little thanks for their efforts) on their front porch.

So the next time you clean out your garage, grab that old bag of clubs and seek out your First Tee organization. You can find more information on their website.

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Kickntrue says:
I personally enjoy losing logo balls. Then- I can call it "marketing" since my logo is out there for the next person to see. I think losing a logo ball for a company you works for makes it legal to write off your round as a marketing session. Just something to think about.
Ben Crane says:
I agree, Kickntrue
golfgirl says:
Where do you get your logo ball's from? I need a source for mine. :o)
theredmission says:
Hmm K&T sounds like you need to start up a scuba related business for all that underwater marketing you must do.
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