The black bear on his afternoon stroll.
No Lions, Or Tiger, Just Bears
By new2thegame on 8/4/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

Seeing wildlife on the course is part of golf. From squirrels and foxes to the occasional snake or gator, golf courses are full of different types of creatures. However most are usually seen from a distance. That was not the case at the US Senior Open held in Colorado Springs this past weekend. On Friday afternoon a rather large black bear came ambling across the 13th fairway. As if that wouldn't be surprising enough, the bear made his way past the ropes to sniff around amongst the terrified spectators. Although officials were prepare to tranquilize the animal and stop play if it became too aggressive, the bear (and the people) all escaped unharmed. The bear fled the scene via a few drain pipes that led back into the forest. Wildlife personnel were on hand for the rest of the tournament in case the bear decided to come back with reinforcements. However the wild animal stayed in the woods for the remainder of the weekend.

Heres the article.

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klangdon says:
Pretty crazy with a crowd there. About a month ago a bear ran across a fairway I was playing at White Deer Golf Course in Montgomery PA.
mattlagolf says:
i love bears! i wish my course had them.
Lexus Keoninh says:
The only animals I wanna see on the course are birdies, eagles and albatros!!
golfgirl says:
That's a great headline for the story...a bear was spotted at our home course, Richter Park in Danbury, CT just last week. I didn't see him/her but I'm a bit worried as I live quite near the course. :o0
PapaJoe says:
Bears??? I play with a bunch of old bears! Why the fear? They're grumpy, but harmless!
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