Mickelson's New Driver Approved
By Kickntrue on 2/4/09
Phil Mickelson's new driver a Callaway FT-9 has been approved by the USGA and will be in play this week. While you and I can go to a pro shop and buy an FT-9, Mickelson had one specially made for his swing that needed approved and wasn't in his bag last week. Maybe that's why he sucked and got cut! Of course- what he used last week was the same club he used all of last year.

I guess he just sucked on his own!

The boys of the PGA Tour will tee it up at Torrey Pines. Last time the Tour stopped by some guy named Tiger did some winning thing on one leg, or something like that. I don't remember the whole story.

Mickelson's New FT-9

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Jake Bogardus says:
This will help Mick. Even if its not a better or much different club he obviously has been working with this club lately and has the most confidence in it and we all know confidence goes a long way in golf. Saying that Mick sucked is unprofessional. This article is the thing that sucks. And this is all coming from me, a Tiger guy
kidputter says:
Last week in front of my own eyes, Michelson sucked. I'm a Phil guy, being a lefty and in AZ, he's a guy with class and skill. Last week, though, he stunk up the course. I'm a good pool player and can play with a broom handle. Using the driver as an excuse IMO is just that. An excuse. He had a bad stretch and didn't re-focus. He SUCKED. This week can be different. If he plays well I will say he played well.
If he worked with the new driver so much, he should have gotten it to the powers-to-be faster so it would be approved or disallowed before his first event of the year.
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