Paying For Old Tyme Golf
By Kickntrue on 8/5/08
A Canadian golf course offers an old tyme golf experience including caddies in era dress, hickory shaft clubs and 1930 era's balls. I actually love this idea, but it's certainly for the well-to-do. It costs $369 a person or $699 for a twosome.

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klangdon says:
cool idea, crazy cost. i like the idea of a tournament were you can only play with equipment made prior to 1950.
golfgirl says:
That is so awesome. And I think depending on the course and it's amenities, the cost is totally reasonable for such a unique experience.
Josh says:
There is a course that does this near the Homestead in VA. I's drastically cheaper.

The courses listed here aren't it and I can't remember the name of it but one of the courses here apparently has the oldest continually in use tee in the US, that's kinda cool.
mr_hungry says:
Guess those caddies aren't being paid old-timey wages.
mthomps3 says:
There are some groups out there still mashing niblicks.
PapaJoe says:
Wow, I can get the same experience for a senior's grees fee of $7.50 per day at one of the public courses in Louisville, KY, where most early morning players are in the age group of 70-85. And they dress like it, and still have some of the same equipment. Sorry, no caddies available. They've all been published on the "Obit Page". Move to Louisville!!!
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