One final wave from Annika.
A Final Farewell For Annika
By new2thegame on 8/5/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

On Sunday afternoon in Sunningdale, England the Women's British Open Golf championships concluded with twenty year old Ji-Yai Shin winning the tournament. However, Shin's win was overshadowed by the woman that finished in the 24th spot, Annika Sorenstam. As the rain came pouring down, Sorenstam approached the 18th green to cheers, signs bearing good wishes, and a special message on the scoreboard. Playing in the final round of her final major event, Sorenstam made the final hole with a ten-foot birdie. Although she didn't walk away with the win, Sorenstam insists the 10 major wins and 72 LPGA titles have been enough. She stated, "I wish I wanted it as much as I used to, but I don't."

So whats on the horizon for one of golf's greatest women of all time? Marriage, a family, and business. The 37 year old is now ready to begin a family and work on her business which is appropriately centered around golf.

Now the question is who will take her place? Will someone step up to dominate the game for a decade like Annika did? Although that topic may be highly debatable, one thing is not. Annika Sorenstam is an amazing competitor and will not be easily replaced (if at all).

Goodbye Annika.

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golfgirl says:
Annika's story is proof that a woman CAN have it all...just not at the same time.

As far as who will take her place, do we really want one person to be so dominant as she was...and as Tiger is? The answer of course is, "it depends". If it were an extraordinarily charismatic player, possessing not only an ultra exceptional golf game but also that very rare characteristic called "star quality", then yes, that would be a good thing. Otherwise I think it's preferable to have a highly competative group of several top players who consistantly battle it out on Sundays.
PapaJoe says:
Golfgirl, well put and well said!! "Who will take Annika's place?" I think that has already been decided, at least on the scorecard, but certainly NOT on the personal agenda. It is going to be VERY interesting to see how Lorena Ochoa handles her present "super stardom" status now that she doesn't have to worry about Annika every week. I don't think ANYONE could ever take Annika's place. She was much too unique of a person and golfer for any woman to ever think she could replace her. I think Sorenstam has made the absolute right decision to step off at this time. A thousand congratulations to her for everything she has accomplished! Have some great babies and a great life! As competetive as she was, and still is, I truly think she will be back, if nothing else to make some cameo appearances here and there. Yes, she proved a woman CAN have it all. Too bad it couldn't be forever, but what a GREAT run she did have!
PapaJoe says:
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