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Tiger Speaks! Tiger Speaks!
By Kickntrue on 8/6/08
Sure- the PGA Championship (A MAJOR) starts tomorrow- but more important El Tigre speaks. He'll be back in 5 months. The interview also had some interesting questions about when he'll retire. Is it really time to start talking about that with him?

Story and Video

*link fixed.

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TimmyBede says:
Link to story and Video is broken.
hogan72 says:
might be this one:
Kickntrue says:
Thanks for the heads up. The link is fixed. I gotta get my head in the game. Twice this week...
hogan72 says:
jumped the gun - apologies. Tiger sounds like Tiger. Retirement? No time too soon.

He handles himself and what he says so well. He's calm, coherent and sharp. Man, he's remarkable. And, I don't think anyone can not like the the guy. He'll be back next year and he'll probably pick up right where he left off - hoisting a trophy!
klangdon says:
i think tiger will be back and better-than-ever and that he WILL catch jack. the most interesting thing will be when does he call it quits. does he play at a much lower level into his 40s to extend some of his records, or does he throw in the towel as soon as he is no longer the number 1 player on tour?
birdieXris says:
Tiger is going to be around a while. For sure. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't play the champions tour though. Would he really see it as a challenge?
falcon50driver says:
Guys, I was really beginning to enjoy not hearing Tiger this and Tiger that every time I log on.
PapaJoe says:
Merlin2: I agree with you 1000%!! When he gets well he will play again. When he plays again he will probably win again, sometime! If he betters Jack Nicklaus' record, someone will someday better his. La-dee-da! The media loves Tiger because he pays a lot of bills and paychecks, including theirs. We, who choose not to, don't have to love Tiger. Unless he decides to send me a monthly "Love Me Check!"
ToddRobb says:
Hey Merlin, With all due respect, you didn't have to read the article. I guess Tiger is like a car wreck for some people, you feel like you don't want to look, but you just can't help yourself, so you wind up looking and also contributing to the cause of the traffic back up. You commenting on your displeasure of reading about Tiger shows that you are keeping track of what is being said. Like it or not, your helping feed the beast. I'm the same way with Michelle Wie, I just wish she would go away, but I find myself reading every article on oob that is written about her.
PapaJoe says:
After contacting oobGolf's webmasters and managers hopefully I/we have solved the problem of the "Idiot" PapaJoe posing as the "Real" PapaJoe. Thank you guys. Hopefully you have identified the moron making the senseless and idiotic remarks under my name, The Real "PapaJoe". What a shame that people like that exists and try to spoil what is a good web site for other people! Even if I may have raised the "ire" of someone on this web site, there should be no cause for that person to screw it up for everyone else! I will be posting this message on several article forums, "Fore Play", "Cigar Lounge," and on every other public forum that exists on oobGolf to hopefully prevent idiots such as they are to screw up the works for the rest of us. I write this as the "Real PapaJoe" and give you my personal e-mail of: for anyone to check out the legitimacy of my honesty. Thank you. JGoff, Louisville, KY.
DEMurphy says:
Love what Tiger's done for golf, and yes, I watch more when he's in contention, but the media does over do it with covering him. I just hope he's okay and can return to top form. I must admit I've thoroughly enjoyed watching others compete this year -- especially Greg Norman and Kenny Perry. I can easily wait for Tiger in 09 with the majors, but dang it would be great to have him for the Ryder Cup.
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