Throw Away Your Wedges (in 2024)
By Kickntrue on 8/6/08
The USGA announced yesterday that it is going to finally crack down on the legality of grooves on wedges and irons making it harder to hit good shots out of the rough. This ruling comes after constant criticism of the pro game and serves as a way to help courses in the battle of length and legitimacy.

The good news for most of us- is that it will only apply to the pro game and top amateur levels within the next couple of years. The current equipment will be legal for handicap golf at least until 2024.

Via Golf.About

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birdieXris says:
yea i heard about this on Live from the PGA Championship/golf central on tuesday. I think it's a great thing for golf.
mattlagolf says:
the wedges today are kindof cheating, when they chage the rule it will be more fair.
hondolane says:
Ah man.. just when I was starting to do good.
PapaJoe says:
Oh crap! If I'm alive in 2024 you mean I'll have to purchase MORE wedges than I already have? Let's see... I'm 65 now, in 2024 I'll turn 81. No problem!!! I won't be able to see what I hit past 30 yards, anyway! I think I'll just keep what I've got in the bag. By that time they won't have any grooves!
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