Jim on left. Unknown on the right.
Jim Estes For PGA Champion
By Kickntrue on 8/6/08
Jim Estes (probably) won't win the PGA Championship this weekend- but I think he's still number 1. First, Jim is my neighbor- or close to it. I'm not sure exactly which house is his, but we are in the same zipcode so he's my hometown guy. Second- the work he does with wounded veterans is awesome.

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PGAwannabe says:
Great story. Thanks for the post. I will be pulling for Mr. Estes this weekend. It is geat to see pros help, donate time and show their support to our troops.
Good Luck Mr. Estes, hit em' straight!
PapaJoe says:
HOORAY! for Mr. Jim Estes. As a former vet, and on a Veterans' Disability for many years, I applaud Mr. Estes and all his staff for his efforts to Veterans! I play in a VA League in my hometown. It has been the absolute and best physical and mental therapy I could have ever asked for! If not for golf, and the VA's programs, I seriously think I would be much worse off than I am. I thank all concerned, including Mr. Jim Estes, for their efforts to help us Vets re-establish our priorities in life, no matter whether it was from 'Nam, the "Gulf" war, or the present crap going on in Iraq and Iran! Cudos and congrats to all youse guys and gals!
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