When will MINE come?
Not Fair!
By Kickntrue on 8/7/08
I'm getting sick of these stories of kids and grandmas making hole-in-ones in their first few experiences at golf. This time it's an 11 year old boy from North freakin' Dakota. I didn't even know they had golf courses there! (Please forgive me if you are from ND, I'm trying to make a point. I actually love you guys, too.)

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dsinnett says:
Just goes to prove that Hole-in-one's are nothing but luck. If they were based on skill then I think Tiger Woods would be shooting 3 or 4 of them a round. You can have your hole-in-one....I will save my luck for the $300M Power Ball drawing :-)
PapaJoe says:
Go granny, go granny, go granny, GOOOO! But Giddy'up if you shoot 409!!!
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