First Round Leader- Jeev Milkha Singh
PGA Championship Live Scoring
By Kickntrue on 8/8/08
Football, Olympics and baseball races all make it easy to forget the PGA is hosting the fourth and final major this weekend.

PGA Championship Coverage

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theredmission says:
Bad thing about PGA Championship being 10 miles from your house...not being able to afford tickets. Good thing about PGA Championship being 10 miles from your house...every course other in the area is completely empty for my pleasure for the entire weekend!
PapaJoe says:
theredmission: Agree! I live four miles from the Sept. 2008 site of the Ryder Cup, but know that the best viewing seat is on my Hi-Def TV, especially considering the price of tickets!!!
TheBrownCrayon says:
Agreed. Living near the site of a less prestigious tournament is about perfect though. I used to live in an apartment less than a mile from the site of the Shell Houston Open, and while the traffic sucks, the tickets are cheap, and the conditions stay for a week or so. Nothing is more fun than teeing it up on their course and beating John Daly on a hole or two!
theredmission says:
Wow poor Rocco I bet if he was an oob member he might consider not posting todays round...a 7 on a par 3! lol
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