Padraig Harrington Wins The PGA
By Kickntrue on 8/11/08
With the Olympics kicking off this weekend it was tough finding tv time in my house- but watching Padraig Harrington Sunday was a treat. There were a lot of "firsts" for Padraig after winning the PGA Championship on Sunday including being the first European to win the PGA in over 70 years. Padraig has now won 3 of the last 6 majors and the previous two. I think with this win- he now probably dethrones El Tigre for Player of the Year. Of course... well, we all know that story.

Padraig is a lot of fun to watch. I really hope he stays hot for the next couple of years and we can really watch something special. His intensity on the course is great- he truly doesn't even blink as he stares his ball down the fairway. The last couple of majors he has had amazing magic on the greens. The sad storyline from the weekend seems to be that Sergio Garcia is still a bit star crossed. He played fantastic and probably deserves better than being the best player in the world without a major.

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whomsley says:
It's ture. Sergio is the best player without a major. When Sergio pared 17 and Harrington drove into the fairway bunker on 18 I really thought Sergio had a shot. Of course, on Sunday, there was only ONE birde recorded at 18. Then I knew it was over when it took them both 3 to get on. With how Harrington was putting there was no doubt in my mind he was going to par that hole and keep Sergio in second place. A lot of fun to watch though.
birdieXris says:
Nicely done Padraig! Everybody at the pub was rooting for him. It was pretty crowded while we were all watching, and when he rolled in that final putt the whole place went nuts.
ToddRobb says:
Sorry Sergio, you can't win a major with a shaky putter. When you start making putts when you need em, you'll win several majors.
golfgirl says:
Padraig is amazing, Sergio was awesome too. Great golf, it's a shame the ratings won't reflect it. The galleries were kind of sparse for a major too.
furrier says:
He's only "the best without a major" because previous holders of that title (C.Monty) are no longer any good.
furrier says:
... or finally won a major :) (P.Mickelson).
Kickntrue says:
TRobb- I thought Sergio's putter was pretty solid. He played well enough to win- Padraig just stepped it up.
ToddRobb says:
Kick, It was easy to look at Sergio and think he was putting well, the thing is coming down the stretch, you have to make the "got to make" putts. Padraig made his, Sergio didn't. Sergio had a four putt on Friday, there's the 2 strokes he needed right there.

At that level it doesn't matter as much of how they get to the green, as we all witnessed, it's all about making putts. Hate to bring up Tiger, but he's 168th in driving accuracy and it doesn't matter because of his short game, and if he's making putts, it's a lock.
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