Ratings For PGA Championship Bad
By Kickntrue on 8/12/08
I think viewership for the PGA would've been down even if "he" was playing with everything else going on- but the ratings were bad.

I feel like this is the PGA Tour's "A Christmas Carol" and they are Ebenezer Scrooge being visited by the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come. The message- pray, pray, pray. Change- and suck up to Tiger even more when he comes back.


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ToddRobb says:
Empty seats in the gallery on Sunday, that's not good.
Dardee says:
Frankly, I am not a Tiger Wood's fan. He is an unbelievable golfer. The $60 Million Nike gave him in endorsements before he even teed up his first professional drive took all the pressure off him for making a cut to pay expenses. Again. Good for him. That allowed him to go after pins and wins rather than pay checks. I also dislike the way he leaves other golfers out to dry (ie Fuzzy, et al.) I am looking forward to the new golfers who are about to challenge Tiger, especially as Tiger starts to show his age. Should make for great spectator golf.
theredmission says:
Empty seats in gallery were most likely due to the crap weather all weekend as well as even crappier economy in this region...count me as one of the ones who wanted to go but couldnt.
PapaJoe says:
Good for you, Dardee, for speaking the forgotten truth!!! As a resident of the site of the upcoming Ryder Cup in Louisville, KY, there have been NO published reports of anyone asking for a ticket refund because of the no-show of Twoods! In fact people are still beating the doors down begging for even the cheapest of seats! Tiger who?

Of course I'm sure the media will have their own "peculiar" take on wondering why Valhalla's stadium fairways and greens aren't as full as they think they should be. Just remember: Ticket sales were limited and sold out a long time ago. I've heard that even Fuzzy Zoeller may show up now, as a supporter and spectator, of course.
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