I'd maybe count that as a Major Win!
Sergio To Rack Up Majors
By Kickntrue on 8/12/08
Gary Van Sickle of Golf.com believes so anyway...

What do you guys think? On the cusp? Or the next Monty?

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ToddRobb says:
He's got a LOOONG way to go before becoming the next Monty. The difference will be with Sergio once he understands and knows deep inside of him that he can win a major. All the great champions have that edge of knowing that they can win a major tournament. The putting problems that he has comes from the mental side, not his stroke. His stroke is fine, but when the heat is on, it comes down to execution of the complete shot, reading the green, judging the speed and whether or not to make the putt or "try" to make the putt.

If you listened to Padraig after it was over, he said he was going to make his putt to win, and he did. Sergio has grown up right before our eyes, I think he will win several majors before he's done. Once he gets the confidence from winning the first one, I think he'll be cocky enough to run off several.
stuyasutake says:
Choke artist.
mbills1015 says:
Now Phil might be a choke artist... but Sergio is just coming into his prime. Winning the Players and a 2nd place finish at the PGA is not a bad year of golf at all. I agree with TR, at some point in the near future he is going to break through and then win a handful more. Remember even if ends up winning 3-5 that would still be an outstanding career. Its not like the guys almost 40 and on the downswing, remember he's not even 30 yet.
flyfishin4trout says:
Sergio is still 5 years away from being in his golf prime. He will win several majors. Sergio didnt choke at the PGA. Paddy putted out of his mind. If Paddy putts like that against Tiger he would have beaten him as well.
ToddRobb says:
This is tough to say, but I do think Sergio did choke that day. Let's face it, you can't hit a ball in the water on Sunday and expect to win a major. But I do also believe eventually he will win several.
PapaJoe says:
Maybe if Sergio could get his brain out of the clouds, and his lips off the chicks, he would realize:

"Kissin' don't last. Puttin' do!"

But then....... the alternative ain't that bad!
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