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Flair Hair Winners!
By Kickntrue on 8/13/08
The winners of our Caption Contest have been picked. Jennifer Delaney, the VP of Business Development for Flair hair made the selections.

The winners are... (drumroll, please).

Furrier and Rick Braud

The winning captions...
From Furrier- "Professional windsurfer" and "To the barber: 'Just a little off the top, please.'"

From Rick Braud- "What do you get when you cross a redneck and a peacock??"

Congrats to our winners and you can look forward to another contest in the near future. In the meantime- check out Flair Hair. I'm having one sent to me and will do a more "formal review" on it- if it's possible with such a fun product. I've talked to Jennifer at length about it- and can certainly see why it's such a hit as a gift or gag. I'll be sporting mine!

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PapaJoe says:
No comment. "You're welcome."
furrier says:
Mine arrived in the mail yesterday. When my 7-yr-old saw me wearing it, he thought about 5-10 seconds, then said, "Dad, you either have really messy hair or a really cool hat!"

My 4-yr-old daughter wore it most of the night. With her long blonde hair, it really looked ... well, different!
furrier says:
Btw, I received the "brown hair/black visor" version. I'll probably use it at a volleyball outing Saturday to generate comments. It'll certainly protect my thinly-covered scalp.
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