I Want To Design A Course
By Kickntrue on 8/14/08
It seems like anyone can do it. Up to the tee... Nick Faldo. Honestly, just because you are a good golfer what makes you qualified to be a good course designer? Just because Kobe Bryant is a good basketball player, do you think he really designs his shoes? I'm not questioning the fact that Faldo can be good at this- it just seems like it's a bit of an oddity in the sports world. Can anyone think of another sport where this happens?


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klangdon says:
I wonder how much these guys actually do. I am sure there is some serious educated architects doing most of the real work. They probably spend like 10 hours with them and just pick between options they provide.
ForeKris says:
i wish there was a "SIMS" type game to design courses. i mean you can design a roller coaster, and even a city... why not a golf course!?!?
ToddRobb says:
ForeKris, That sounds about right.....
beisenhauer says:
ForeKris: There is. It's called, oddly enough, SimGolf.
jpp151 says:
I think that most Golf courses just want the Pro's name associated with their course. I did see a show on the Golf Channel about Norman, and that he does a lot of the course design work. But i think that its just the name they want on the course
jerdman says:
SimGolf was a good game, but hardly detailed enough to design a masterpiece. You could only place 30 yards squares of one type of landscape at a time.
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