Personal Injury Lawyer Getting Sued Over Golf Accident
By Kickntrue on 12/1/06
This story is more suited for than here, except- THIS IS TRUE. In Chicago, a man was hit with a golf ball in the head- and is suing. The man he is suing just happens to be one of the state's most well known personal injury lawyers.

What really makes this story great are the quotes.

Plaintiff- "(Goldberg) has a reputation for helping people like Gino," Palermo said. "He hasn't taken responsibility for what he did."

Defendent- His attorney probably said, 'Oh Goldberg. They're the largest injury firm in the state; they've got deep pockets,'" he said. "This gives lawyers a bad name when they take cases like this. It's embarrassing to my profession.

"I didn't do it. How is he going to prove I did it?" asked Goldberg, who was playing in a foursome. "There's golf balls flying everywhere."

Click HERE for full story!

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klangdon says:
I normally hate cases like this. But due to the fact that the defendent is a personal injury lawyer, I say STICK IT TO HIM.
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