Can Charles Barkley Be Fixed?
By Kickntrue on 8/15/08
There will be a new reality show on The Golf Channel this fall. Charles Barkley's swing vs. Hank Haney. Haney, who is Tiger Woods' coach (not doing much lately so what the heck?) decided to work with Barkley on trying to fix his terrible swing. The problem is, by just watching it you will become a worse golfer. Everytime you watch Charles swing- you lose 2 strokes off your handicap index.

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If you don't "understand" why this matters, here is Barkely swinging:

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hogan72 says:
You can't get more insane than that! I watched it twice and I'm about to click again...

I bet Charles Barkley can develop a beautiful swing with coaching. But first, Hank will have to "break" him like a wild stallion.
thethein11 says:
I Think show will be hilarious because of watching Barkley swing and what he will say I might just have to put on some Depends to watch this one.
TaylorFade says:
That is a joke. But not a funny one. Someone many years ago told him to pause at the top of his backswing (I assume to slow his tempo) and he says that now can't NOT do it. What a nightmare. He is gonna need hypnosis to fix that thing.
klangdon says:
the best part of that video is that you hear people laughing in the background. thats an awful swing. but as big as charles is, i don't think i would be laughing out loud at him...
acperry65 says:
I always thought that a hitch was a belly ring on my sister so we could lure her away from the buffet.
now I know better lol
mmckinsey says:
poor chuck...never looked worst...freakin hilarious!!
Eddy Whitaker says:
wow...when does this come on
helfon says:
Most new reality show ideas seem like horrible and the unraveling of the morality of our culture and while this may be more of the same I must say I want to see it :)
helfon says:
sigh... should read "seem like horrible ideas"
Josh says:
In case you don't know the history, apparently Barkley used to be a very good golfer, then he took lessons from someone that introduced the pause which totally ruined him.
falcon50driver says:
I think I'm gonna throw up, looks like a good example of why you should not get "lessons"
iluv5pam says:
wow...i forgot how to play golf now. i never knew how bad his swing was. i only heard commentators poke fun at him.
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