What an odd awful story.
No Words Really...
By Kickntrue on 8/15/08
Jim Weathers is a well-known trainer for golfers and shiatsu master. Now he is facing a lousy situation over a weird incident. One of his clients, Chez Reavie won for the first time on the PGA tour at the Canadian Open a couple weeks ago. Weathers was waiting on the 18th green with a bottle of Champagne. A Canadian Mountie did not see Weather's credential and tackled him to the ground thinking he was doing something illegal and grabbed him around the neck causing a former weightlifting injury to reappear.

Weathers was coughing blood for a couple days and was eventually forced to have surgery. Unfortunately he didn't have heath insurance so it had to be paid all out of pocket.

Weird. Nobody's fault really, but so sad.


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TaylorFade says:
Dude, Mounties don't play. If I was gonna rush the field I would warn whatever authority figure was near me. What the hell is Shiatsu? Like massage?

I thought this story was gonna be about him kicking somebodys butt.
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