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Michael Phelps Or Tiger Woods?
By Kickntrue on 8/18/08
You didn't think I could go all week without mentioning Michael Phelps did you? So- he's awesome. Very Awesome. So awesome in fact, that some people think he's the "Greatest Athlete Ever."

Umm.. let's reign it in a bit folks. As great a swimmer as Michael Phelps is for all we know he throws a football like a girl. It's the same way people get ahead of themselves when talking about Tiger Woods as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Amazing at golf, sure- but have you seen the guy try to high five?!

I guess it really comes down to how you judge "Athlete" and what you mean when you try to call someone the GOAT. For my money- I'll take Bo Jackson in his Tecmo Super Bowl/KC Royals days. I heard Jim Thorpe wasn't so bad either. Perspective folks.

The Lunatic Who Inspired Me To Write This

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volleyhart says:
Tiger Woods = Greatest golfer ever.

Michael Phelps = Greatest swimmer ever.

Why can't they be two separate and distinct things? I've always been under the impression you can't compare football players to basketball players, or swimmers to golfers - the skill sets are just TOO different.

I'm not a swimmer, but I can tell you that I'm intrigued at the intricacy of this sport. Read an article the other day that talked of how Phelps saw a huge boost - which in this sport could be measured in tenths or hundredths of seconds - by adjusting the position of his head. Or how, by spreading the width of his fingers as he hit the wall they shaved a hundredth of a second off his time. For my money, to have the ability to consistently dominate your sport by refining the minutest of details like that, you're an athlete.

My $.02
golfgirl says:
I think there's something wrong with me because I find Michael Phelps very unappealing.

(Not that that has anything to do with anything, just had to say it. For some reason.)
stuyasutake says:
Phelps quest to break Spitz' record is like comparing Tiger's quest to break Nicklaus' Major record. Will it be done? I definitely think so. Will Tiger be one of the greatest? Of course, we all know that. Phelps is one of the greatest Olympians of all time. What he did in this Olympics proved that, margin for error was .01 of a second. If you are trying to prove that he is the GOAT, it's hard to say that, You have too many people to try to throw in the debate. I just say it's great to have people who strive for brilliance.
TaylorFade says:
He's the man. If golf were an Olympic sport Tiger would probably be even money to win the gold. Phelps is like -10,000 in any event he swims.

komega19 says:
Gentlemen, everyone (true athletes) knows that the greatest abilities (all around) belong to Defensive backs, corners, in specific.... geeeesh... swimmers...... golfers..... hell, those archery folks are pretty commanding of their sport, too. What's next? What about that Gump fella, who won like, 52 straight ping pong matches....? GOAT!
falcon50driver says:
Golfgirl when do you think you'll enter some scores? We have been waiting for a long time. We know you've been to some golf courses, we've seen the pictures.
PapaJoe says:
"GREATEST ATHLETE EVER???" M. Phelps deserves the tag of maybe greatest swimmer ever. T. Woods deserves the tag of maybe greatest golfer ever. Of course those titles are subjective to the present day. What will happen tomorrow? It surely will change. But, greatest athlete ever??? Neither one of those guys deserves or has earned that title. Now, if Phelps or Woods either one held the records for: Best baseball player; best basketball player; best boxer; best downhill, slalom, mogul, etc., skier; best diver; best rifle shooter; best hockey player; best runner; best sprinter; and the BEST of every sport in the world, then, and only then, should they, or anyone else, be considered "BEST ATHLETE" of anything at anytime! The point??? Being the best at any ONE sport doesn't make you the best at everything! Besides, what the hell does Michael Phelps have to do with oobGolf?

Same question to golfgirl--Where's your scores?
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