Olympic Golf
By Kickntrue on 8/18/08
I've been meaning to write an article on how I'm against golf in the Olympics for awhile now, but someone wrote one better than me already.
The Olympics is for swimming and running and jumping and lifting and backflipping and ping-pong, er, table tennis. It's for trying to figure out whether you really want the Redeem Team to win or not.

The only things that should ever finish below-par at the Olympics are the TV ratings for the Flatwater Men's K-1 1000m kayaking heats. (And for interviews that end with Bob Costas asking Phelps about his Facebook page.)

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kkjacks says:
I completely agree. The Olympics have become way too filled with sports that regularly compete on a global scale anyway. And while we are at it can we also get ride of some of the other ridiculous Olympic sports such as badminton. When I think Olympic athlete some guy with a miniature ratchet lobbing around a shuttle cock is not what comes to mind.
ForeKris says:
how about horseback riding... the horse does all the work, but the rider gets the meddle!
ForeKris says:
err... medal!
Kickntrue says:
Kris- completely agree. I noticed that- but in US horse racing- the horse gets the credit....

It doesn't make sense.
TaylorFade says:
Golf in the olympics? Yawn. I'd watch it though.

Now, long drive would be a sweet Olympic event.
jerdman says:
Yeah, Long Driver = Hammer Toss. Might as well get a gold medal for it.
Did anyone see speedwalking? I think speed golf would be a big hit.
Tyler Cox says:
I asked myself why not, and then i jsut thought about the ryder cup, thats the only realy country v.s. country event in golf. But every week theres people representing all nationalities. So i think that the tour represents the olympic golf teams.
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